The Art of Communication

Discover the transformational power of embodied conversation.

A three day weekend workshop
Online with Susannah Darling Khan
19th - 21st November 2021

A Life Changing Toolkit

The Art of Communication is an opportunity to learn and practise deep listening & speaking skills.
Susannah Darling Khan has developed a toolkit of simple to learn skills to support human connectedness in these challenging times. These practices open the door to mutually transformative conversations in day to day life. Once learnt, this skill set can enhance all your relationships, for the rest of your life.

an invitation

Let’s change the world, one humane conversation at a time

workshop schedule

A three day online weekend workshop, live with Susannah DK. In each session, there will be embodied awareness and listening practice, instruction, demonstration, and review.  

19th - 21st November 2021


Presence & Appreciation
6pm - 8pm UK Time


Respect, Reflection & Responsible Speaking
4:30pm - 6:30pm UK Time
8pm - 9pm UK Time


Resonance & Metaphor
3:30pm - 6pm UK Time
7pm - 8:30pm UK Time
You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop to honour your learning journey.
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This workshop will support you to:

Unlock the transformational power of mutually enhancing conversation.
Experience the interconnection of heart, body and mind when listening and speaking.
Activate warmth, appreciation and connection in everyday conversations.
Be seen and heard in your own journey.
Practice being real and authentic with others in a safe space.
Discover how to listen to yourself and to others at the same time.
Throughout the workshop you will be challenged to become more aware, more present and more accepting of self and others.  You will leave with a toolbox of communication skills to use throughout your life.

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The Art of Communication is a “toolkit” of skills to enhance and improve presence, appreciation, reflection, resonance, listening, and speaking.


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The price of tuition includes 5 live and interactive sessions, communication skill notes and illustrations, a copy of “The Connection Game”; a protocol for a listening game to support deep reconnection with others as well as a certificate of completion to honour your learning journey.

embodied experience

Here's what people have to say about how studying Embodied Listening with Susannah Darling Khan has changed their lives.
"Deep listening is the new hug"
- Susannah Darling Khan

Susannah darling khan

Susannah Darling Khan has been working in the field of embodiment, healing and human development for over 3 decades. She has taught embodied awareness through movement internationally since 1989 and is co-founder of the School of Movement Medicine and the 21 Gratitudes Study Hub. 
Her appreciation for the healing power of deep listening and embodied communication began with her initial training in Gestalt Psychotherapy and has infused her life and work since then. In these pandemic times, Susannah sees our capacity for deep, real and mutually respectful communication as an essential key to support connection, co-creation and human evolution. This is why she has developed this systematic, simple, and nonetheless profoundly life affirming and life changing way of teaching embodied communication skills. She is a master teacher, able to break down what is normally seen as an intuitive capacity into simple steps which everyone can learn.
Her work includes teaching and training teachers in movement as medicine, working with women NHS leaders through the acclaimed Kingsfund and pony whispering. She is a soul whisperer, supporting participants to reclaim their own hearts and connection with life through her unique combination of gentleness, precision, humour and wisdom. 

Carolyn Cooke


I am an entrepreneur, Gestalt coach and a life-long student of embodied learning. In 2000, I stepped onto a conscious dance floor and fell in love. My love for the dance led me to Movement Medicine in 2008 and to an Apprenticeship in 2019. I have been producing Conscious Dance workshops in the US since 2006, including workshops for both Ya’Acov and Susannah when they returned to the US in 2016. The Art of Communication and embodied listening work that Susannah has developed is potent medicine that transforms us, our relationships and the world, helping each one of us find more openness and authenticity in our lives. I am honored to help her launch these embodied listening practices and skills into the worldwide community.

Kata Máthé


Kata created the graphics that accompany this workshop, translating the concepts into gently humorous and precisely communicative visual imagery.

Kata Máthé has been drawing all her life. With a background in traditional Graphic Arts, she started drawing live at events in 2013 to support learning and understanding with powerful images. Her passion is to build bridges through visuals: to create well-structured and aesthetic illustrations, infographics and animations that help people understand each other better and navigate the complexity of our world in a joyful way. She is dedicated to support communities and causes with her work that bring healing and compassion onto Earth. She has been dancing since 2005 and now she is a Movement Medicine Apprentice.

what people are saying

In my experience, the most important reason relationships of all kinds run into trouble is due to misunderstandings between those involved. The simple, but key skills taught by Susannah in “The Art of Communication” address this fundamental problem beautifully. I recommend this well-taught workshop to help you improve one or all of your relationships.


Deep listening is music, it is presence. It facilitates healing, understanding, and beauty. Susannah knows this practice inside out.


Susannah has a deep message and an effective methodology, plus the clarity and the compassion to help you learn this embodied listening practice, which I truly believe is so important if we want to evolve and heal as peoples on this planet.


This is soul medicine. Feeling heard is a beautiful experience and it's beautiful to be able to share this with others. These practices are "delonelyfication" practices and as such, are a good remedy for our times.


With a deep sense of humility, I propose that this profound communication skill set is one of the most essential Life 101 skills to learn —on par with balancing a checkbook, building a good fire, and boiling an egg. It is for absolutely everyone wanting to dig deeper into the joy of being alive.


I realized the universality of the need to feel heard and understood. All these tools seem to me to be a strong ground to re-connect people to each other, to bring a sane sense of community which is necessary to heal. What a gift!

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Is this course suitable for me?

This course is for you if:

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to learn skills that can enrich and deepen all of their relationships. It is for people who are ready and willing to travel into new landscapes of self-knowledge, including somatic, embodied awareness, and can take responsibility for the emotions that come up when challenged to grow and evolve.

It is for you if you want to increase your capacity for empathy and kindness and wish to support the well-being of all beings on this earth.

This course is NOT for you if:

This workshop is not for those who don't feel open to challenge yourself to learn new skills and ways of being with self and others. Or for those who don't feel stable enough emotionally to hold themselves within what may come up when they are heard. If you have difficulty staying grounded in day to day reality then this workshop is not for you.

If any of the above feels true for you, we suggest you don't register for the workshop and encourage you to find 1:1 support with an appropriate service.

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