Embodied Listening

6 Module Course with Susannah Darling Khan

Embodied Listening whole heartedly  improves all of our relationships including the one we have with ourselves. This course offers the skills, knowledge and practices to be a life-long game changer.

In these times of physical distancing it could be said that "Deep listening is the new hug". Listening is a powerful life skill which most of us are simply not taught. It means more than turning off our phones and distractions, though that's a good start. It means actually showing up; in ourselves, with and for each other. It is simply, deep medicine for the body, heart and soul of our common humanity. This course is a step by step guide to learning this skill set, which will then be with you for the rest of your life, with the capacity to enhance ALL your relationships.

Enrol on This Course

  • Gain access to all 45 lessons, spread out across 6 feature rich and engaging modules.
    • 27 Teaching Video Lessons (120 mins total)
    • 7 Demonstrations of Practice (70 mins total)
    • 7 Guided Solo & Buddy Practices on video + audio (180 mins total)
    • 4 Wrap up conversations with SDK & YDK (40 mins total)
  • Work through the content at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Receive a certificate of completion in honour of your learning journey.
  • Unlimited Access: Return to the content again and again.

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The Modules

Embodied Listening will enhance the quality of your self-awareness and your relationships with others. The course is designed for those wanting to practice solo, with a buddy, a group of friends, colleagues or even, family. Human beings are social beings. As such, our well-being is supported by feeling heard and by learning to listen to others with the same care we wish to receive. 

The results of this can benefit all areas of our lives, from more confidence in our creativity, to stronger personal and professional relationships. This course provides a powerful toolkit for improving communication with others- whether they are online or in the room, loving or challenging.

Embodied Listening


An introduction to what Embodied Listening is, and, what it isn’t. You will gain an understanding of why it matters so much and what it can bring to you in your life. Module 1 also gives you an introduction to the course as a whole and how to use it.


Centre of the Wheel

Before you can really hear or receive someone else, you need to arrive in yourself and hear and receive yourself. In this module, you will learn how to practice arriving, receiving and being present with yourself. This includes how to bring the central axis of your body, heart and mind into alignment, so that you can stand at the centre of your own circle and meet others in their's.

Warmth & Acknowledgement

East - Fire

Acknowledgement has many applications, not least on online platforms such as zoom calls. It is so easy in large group zoom calls or meetings to accidently edit out the important warmth of the fire and this natural aspect of communication. A little acknowledgement can take our communication into a whole new level and gives you a chance to exercise the super-power of your attention.


West - Water

Learn about the classic technique of active listening and how to reflect back what you have understood. This is a powerful and under-used skill which has radical positive effects that are practical, emotional, and relational. In its deepest form, reflective listening allows us to cognitively put ourselves “in the other persons shoes” and see things from where they stand.


South - Earth

Go deeper into the mysteries of embodied resonance. This means learning how to listen with a dual awareness of both the speaker and how their communication is resonating in your own body and heart. This can bring unexpected new information and empathy to the enquiry and conversation. You will receive teachings and orientation about how to use this capacity with appropriate care and responsibility.


North - Air

Review these new learnt skills and look at how to apply them in life as an ongoing tool kit. Learn about 5 extra listening “spices” to add more verve to your listening. These are incredibly helpful but rarely used tools: summing up, distillation, the power of image, some key opening questions, and the power of silent “being with”. Ya’acov and I illustrate bringing the skills together in a conversation about why listening matters so much right now, and what the benefits and challenges of this discipline are.

Course Overview

This course works either as a solo journey or with a practice buddy. If you choose to work with a buddy, this is a private arrangement between you and is not arranged by 21G. You both need to purchase the course as most of the learning is done solo.

Whatever your level of experience, this course will teach you:

  • A tool kit of specific listening skills to support your personal & professional communication
  • Ways to help others grow and to grow yourself
  • To become more present through reclaiming the territory of your body
  • How to cultivate your compassionate inner witness through the Wise Elder
  • How to deepen your own presence through bringing your body, heart and mind together
  • That your attention is a super-power






The course is carefully and expertly designed as a step-by-step journey. Each module includes:

  • Several short teaching videos
  • Demonstrations of the practices with Susannah & Ya’Acov’s personal sharings
  • Guided practices (both video and downloadable audio)
  • The guided practices are for those working solo AND for those working with a practice buddy
  • Worksheets which include: transcriptions of the lessons, enquiries, further notes & resources
  • Multiple-choice questions to check and consolidate your understanding

Susannah Darling Khan

Susannah Darling Khan is one of the most experienced and dedicated of embodied awareness teachers. She has dedicated her professional life to playing her role in the evolution of our human presence on this planet into a humane human presence. Her work enables people to deepen their compassion towards themselves, each other and the biosphere.

For the last 3 decades she has been teaching life-skills through intentional movement practice with her husband, Ya’Acov Darling Khan. Teaching a wide variety of events in diverse situations, she has developed a sophisticated knowledge of the transformational power of embodied practice in supporting self-awareness and empathy for others. Throughout this time, she has developed and taught embodied listening skills to thousands of people around the world. Through this, they have become much better able to accompany others with warmth, honesty and respect. Now, more than ever, as a human community, we need these skills. Susannah’s intention is to bring this work to many more people worldwide through this online course.

Her background is in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Family Constellations and Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms, all of which have profoundly influenced the development of Susannah and Ya’Acov’s co-creation, Movement Medicine. She is currently deepening her knowledge of how our nervous systems work, both through study and through her relationship with the wild-born Exmoor ponies she works with. Her teaching marries ancient wisdom with neuro-science and intellect to profound effect. Susannah is the co-director of the School of Movement Medicine, works for the prestigious Kingsfund and is the co-author of Movement Medicine: How To Awaken, Dance and Live Your Dreams (Hay House 2007).

Emilio Mula


I'm a multidisciplinary artist, working mostly in documenting and creating animations, to support the shifting of this paradigm . 10 years ago I created a small video production company, called NU frame, in Totnes, Devon UK. With the aim of giving a voice to all the alternative projects, focusing in creating a more caring, conscious and regenerative way of life. I'm a Permaculturalist and I've been practising Movement Medicine for the last 7 years.

Kata Máthé


Kata Máthé has been drawing all her life. With a background in traditional Graphic Arts, she started drawing live at events in 2013 to support learning and understanding with powerful images. Her passion is to build bridges through visuals: to create well-structured and aesthetic illustrations, infographics and animations that help people understand each other better and navigate the complexity of our world in a joyful way. She is dedicated to support communities and causes with her work that bring healing and compassion onto Earth. She has been dancing since 2005 and now she is a Movement Medicine Apprentice.

Ya'Acov Darling Khan

Susannah's Practice Partner for the Embodied Listening Course

Ya’Acov Darling Khan has been recognised as a practicing shaman by Elder Shamans from the Sami (European tradition) and Achuar and Sápara peoples of the Amazon. Together with Susannah, he is the co-creator of Movement Medicine. Ya’Acov’s work come straight from the heart. He inspires people, often with great humour, to remember who they are.

Ya'Acov is the best-selling author of Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart. His new book, Shaman, was published by Hay House earlier this year. Susannah and he are the co-authors of the book; Movement Medicine.

“The potency of these practices has been massively important in our day-to-day lives. They have helped us both to listen and to experience what it feels like to be actually listened to. We have been together for 34 years and are experiencing the harvest of all the work we have put in to ourselves and the space between us. At the core of it all? Embodied Listening. Learn these practices and apply them and your experience of being human will change. You deserve it and so do the people you love. And for that matter, so do the people you don’t.” -YDK

Thank you for your attention to these important provisos about who this course is suitable for:

This course is for you if:

  • You want to bring Embodied Listening into your life and your relationships and you are able to take responsibility for yourself and get help and support as and when it is needed.
  • You want to take this journey solo
  • You want to take this journey with a practice buddy who wants to learn too
  • You have the mental and emotional stability and resources to engage in potentially challenging unsupervised personal work and stay safe. If you have any doubt about this, please check with your doctor or health care professional.
  • If you choose to do this with an intimate partner, this journey is appropriate if your relationship is in a ‘good enough’ state of trust and mutual respect and both of you choose to do this work, step by step, together.
  • You want to use these listening practices to help cultivate healthy relationships and communities.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are not able to take responsibility for your own emotional and mental stability while engaging in unsupervised and at times challenging personal work.
  • You have any history with mental health issues or have been or are on any form of medication for mental health issues, unless you have the full support of your professional healthcare teams (doctor, psychiatrist, therapist).
  • You want to bring in Practice Buddies to practice with you who have not taken the whole step by step skill building journey themselves.
  • You want to learn listening skills to solve a relationship crisis. For relationships in deep pain, please get external, skilled, professional support.
  • You want to use this as a counselling training. It is not!

“Susannah Darling Khan has an extraordinary sensitivity for the deep listening of the vibrational field of consciousness. It is no surprise to me that Susannah listened to the call of these unprecedented times crafting a series of Embodied Listening practices to re-ignite this almost lost natural trait. Her years of experience and expert guidance will help us navigate through the wonders of deep vibratory listening. Thank you, Susannah for the vibrational listener and wise woman you are."

Ingrid Saraswati Mateos
Retired Medical Research Regulatory Consultant, USA

"Susannah has been honing her capacity for deep listening over decades. I have personally learned so much, directly from her that has shaped my own capacity for really listening to another. Developing my own embodied awareness has profoundly changed my personal relationships and how I am as a teacher. Susannah has crafted a course of practical pearls of accessible wisdom. I highly recommend this course which is tailored for these very specific times we are living in."

David Mooney
Movement Medicine Professional

"The whole ethos of Susannah and Ya’Acov’s work is actually listening. Listening to yourself, listening to what your body is telling you and listening to others. I felt I was really heard for the first time in a long time and that helped me listen and understand what was going on within myself. I’m so glad she has made this course to share these life affirming skills with people far and wide."



Marvin Grant
Volunteer at Shelter