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The Phoenix Process was developed by the Founders of Movement Medicine, Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan. For the first time, this will now be offered online.

The 5-week Phoenix Workshop is designed to catalyse you into a new level of embodied awareness, enabling you to assume more responsibility for your life. You will be guided to see your whole life as a creative project and all that you carry within you as potential medicine for being who you are and giving what you’ve got.  

The Phoenix Process is a trauma aware soul retrieval and development process. It will help you to shift the balance of power inside yourself as you discover that for the soul, all that you carry within you is potential medicine for being who you are and giving what you’ve got.  The Phoenix is also a gateway workshop for those who wish to take part in any Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programmes.


  • Learn to embody the powerfully transformational medicine of the Phoenix that sits right at the centre of the Movement Medicine Mandala
  • Learn to embrace and work creatively with the stories that create such havoc and pain in our lives. We call the characters that hold these stories our understudies
  • Develop your daily embodiment practice and discover the power of repetition and liberating structure
  • Increase  your lived understanding of the dynamic balance of ego and soul within the psyche 
  • Learn tools for healing personal and transgenerational trauma in a safe, strongly held space


For the first time, the cost of the workshop will include an explorer pass for the Move ent Medicine Study Hub. Each week, Ya’Acov will be inviting you to include specific lessons in your practice. This brings a whole new resource to your study and it will help you to gain maximum benefit from the workshop.


  • Daily practice and study
  • 6 live sessions with Ya’Acov 
  • A once-a-week audio teaching from Ya’Acov on the focus of the week
  • A once-a-week 90-minute Listening Circle on Friday
  • Once a week meeting with your Study Buddy

Week One:

  • February 10th 16.00-19.00 (3 hours)
    Developing your Power HourAcceptance & Intention: The acceptance & intention module will guide you to a deeper and more precise understanding of where and how you are as we begin. This will support you to set the inner compass of your intention for the journey ahead. 
  • February 11th (either morning or evening)
    Listening Circle with your Movement Medicine Tutor- 90 minutes

Week Two:

  • February 17th 16.00-19.00 (3 hours)
    The Unbroken and The Chambers of the Heart: In order to be able to go as deep as the Phoenix Process will take you, an embodied understanding of your own emotional intelligence is necessary. This essential aspect of Movement Medicine will expand your movement vocabulary and your capacity to stay present. 
  • February 18th (either morning or evening)
    Listening Circle with your Movement Medicine Tutor- 90 minutes

Week Three:

  • February 24th 16.00-20.30 (4 hours with 30-minute break)
    Your Creation Story & The Dance of the Understudy: Now that we have more resources in place, we can open the doors to the unconscious stories that maintain the status quo within us. Experiencing that what you perceive is not necessarily the whole truth is a gateway to liberation. 
  • February 25th (either morning or evening)
    Listening Circle with your Movement Medicine Tutor- 90 minutes

Week Four Session One:

  • March 3rd 16.00-20.30 (4 hours with 30 minute break)
    Q & A + Phoenix solo: This module is where we experience the Phoenix Process in its full form for the first time. Learning the practice is the goal so that you can go deeper as you gain confidence and experience with it. There will also be time to ask Ya'Acov your questions in relation to the Phoenix work.
  • March 4th (either morning or evening)
    Listening Circle with your Movement Medicine Tutor- 90 minutes

Week Four Session Two:

  • March 6th 15.00-19.30 (4 hours with 30 minute break)
    Phoenix Ceremony: In this session, we will bring all that we have gathered into the amplified cauldron and alchemy of Movement Medicine ceremony. The intention is to bring the medicine of the Phoenix and the Phoenix Process into our bones. 

Week Five:

  • March 10th 16.00-19.00 (3 hours):
    Integration & Completion: Perhaps the most important aspect of any work like this is the time, space and attention we give to integrating what we have learned into the fabric of our day-to-day lives. This last module will break that process down into small steps (with the occasional quantum leap!) that will enable you to develop  what you have learned in your ongoing journey. 
  • March 11th (either morning or evening)
    FINAL Listening Circle with your Movement Medicine Tutor- 90 minutes

All times are GMT. All LIVE sessions are recorded and available for 6 weeks after the workshop ends.


Please understand that this workshop is for personal training only. I am not teaching you to share this work with others. Participating in this workshop does not give you the right to share the material with others and by participating you are agreeing to that condition as part of the terms and conditions of participation.


After you finish this workshop, you'll receive a certificate of completion from Ya'Acov to honour your learning journey


It is vitally important that you have the inner resources and external support where necessary to keep you grounded and within your own capacity when participating in a powerfully catalytic process such as this course. This work is not for everyone. If you have a history of emotional or mental instability, please consult with a health care professional before continuing with the course.


If you decide to register for this workshop, we will asses your application upon registration. If you do not hear from our team with questions regarding your application within 5-7 business days, this means your application has been approved. If for some reason your application is declined - you will receive an email from us and a full refund within 5-7 business days.



***If you're a Hub Member please see Hub Offers for details. If you're an Apprentice please check Mighty Networks for details.


I am delighted you have heard the call for this programme. I wish you all grace, self-care and a well-crafted blend of kindness and commitment as you travel through the landscapes that this work will no doubt catalyse in you. At any point in your work, if you find that the material that arises is too much to manage by yourself, it is incumbent upon you to make sure you get the support you need to be able to work with this material in a beneficial way. There is always support when we humble and empower ourselves enough to recognise that we need it and then ask. 

As soon as you have been accepted on the workshop, please go to the pre-workshop preparation module and give as much to time to your preparation as possible.

See you on the workshop and wishing you all the very best with your journey,

Ya’Acov Darling Khan

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