Calm at the Centre of the Storm

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The Power of Peace in Times of Change

June 4, 5, 6, 2021

A Weekend Movement Medicine Workshop
with Movement Medicine Co-Founder, Ya’Acov Darling Khan
and Special Guests Manari Ushigua & Estas Tonne

The Calm at the Centre of the Storm is a potent place. I like to call it the power of peace because to genuinely embody peace is to sit firmly in the seat of your own personal power. We could all be more powerful than we are. And to have impact in the world, we need to develop personal power. And in order to do that, we need to create a healthy relationship with power itself. That possibility is the creative and healing focus of this 3-day Movement Medicine shamanic journey. 

The focus of our work is to be present, to discover the calm at the centre of the storm and to come into relationship with the power of peace. On the way, we will connect to what we call the Unbroken, the resources that Movement Medicine gives us access to. From there, we can bring the reality of where we are into focus, move with and through whatever is true, seek guidance and support and through Movement Medicine ceremony, engage with the alchemical work that is ours to do. 

Workshop Schedule & Structure

(all times expressed are BST (British Summer Time) 

6pm-8pm Introduction      

3pm-5pm Gathering Resources
6pm-8pm Researching the Theme 
8:15-9:15pm  Q & A with YDK (This session is optional)                  

3pm-5pm Ceremony
6:30-7:30pmIntegration & Completion


  • A safe space firmly held by Co-Founder of Movement Medicine, Ya’Acov Darling Khan
  • Movement Medicine teaching and practice to meet you where you are 
  • Funky beats and soaring melodies 
  • To learn the art of Movement Medicine Embodied Alchemy 
  • Teachings and prayers from Amazonian Chief and Shaman, Manari Ushigua
  • Powerful invocational music from the extraordinary musician Estas Tonne
  • A transformational, alchemical shamanic journey to the Calm at the Centre of the Storm
  • To meet Benevolent Death as a teacher and guide
  • A deep meeting with yourself and the spirit of the dance


I used to think peace was for space cadets and hippies. I even did my best to become one. But the way I fought for peace when I was in my 20’s was so full of resentment, rage and self-pity that unsurprisingly, it just created more aggravation in me, in my relationships and in the world around me. 

In my apprenticeship in the Amazon, I experienced what it felt like to fight for my life. I discovered a lot about myself in that time, most of it genuinely embarrassing and all of it, quite a shock to my system. It turned out that everything I was fighting against was a reflection of some part of me that I didn’t accept. I was fighting my own projections. Doing this work didn’t put me on the spiritual bypass superhighway. It brought me down to earth and helped to clarify who I am and who I am not. I learned that only when I accept something in myself can I effectively work to change it beyond myself. I was delighted to discover that doing this work made me both more passionate about my own intent, and more relaxed about the outcome. In the end, nobody actually knows what’s going on here. We just have the story we tell and then, via meeting death in the form of change and dissolution of who we thought we were, we have the story we choose.  

Although I sometimes fall back into that place of blame and resentment, and it always feels as bad or worse than the last time, I can no longer be there without that quiet voice inside me reminding me of everything I’ve already learned. 

Whatever your level of experience, The Calm at the Centre of the Storm is designed for you if: 

  • You want to discover more about your personal power and specifically, the power of peace
  • You want to work in a focused way with an international group of committed seekers 
  • You have the mental and emotional stability and resources to engage in potentially challenging unsupervised personal work and stay safe. (If you have any doubt about this, please check with your doctor or health care professional). 
  • You want to work with a grounded, inspiring, step-by-step approach to contemporary shamanic practice through Movement Medicine
  • You want to use these listening practices to help cultivate healthy relationships and communities
  • You are curious about Movement Medicine and how it can support you to Stand up, Grow Up and Play Your Role more in these times of change
  • You want to dive deeper into Movement Medicine
  • You want to learn how Movement Medicine can help you to move forward and dance with what IS, not the way things were, or should be, in these times of change
  • You want to trust, access and utilise your own personal power more to bring what you dream to earth 
  • You want to engage your love for life more and find a little more peace

Can you hear that silence that is behind all the noise? Can you sense life’s invitation to you to step in and to step up - to deepen your medicine and your offering as we move through these stormy times? Transformation is an alchemical dance. All the ingredients are within you. The circle has limited space. If you hear the call, I am glad.

See you there. Be well. YDK

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