Calm at the Centre of the Storm

The Calm at the Centre of the Storm is a potent place. I like to call it the power of peace because to genuinely embody peace is to sit firmly in the seat of your own personal power. We could all be more powerful than we are. And to have impact in the world, we need to develop personal power. And in order to do that, we need to create a healthy relationship with power itself. That possibility is the creative and healing focus of this 3-day Movement Medicine shamanic journey. 

Workshop Schedule & Structure

(all times expressed are BST (British Summer Time) 

6pm-8pm Introduction      

3pm-5pm Gathering Resources
6pm-8pm Researching the Theme 
8:15-9:15pm  Q & A with YDK (This session is optional)                  

3pm-5pm Ceremony
6:30-7:30pm Integration & Completion


This is Part One of a four-part course. Part one is the prerequisite to be able to study Part two Live with Ya’Acov in May 2022. 

Your Inner Shaman

The Inner Shaman is part of our humanity. To encounter them and discover what they know is not reserved for some special brand of human being. They are as down to earth as you can get whilst remaining connected to the stars. They walk the bridge between how we imagine life to be and how it actually is. And discovering them is a matter of choice, practice, determination and often, humour.

Your Inner Shaman will empower you to:

  • Reliably access the guidance of your Inner Shaman.
  • Work with the structure and alchemy of ceremony.
  • Build a resourceful daily practice; a refuge for your being.
  • Create an embodied sense of resilience.
  • Invoke power, purpose and presence at the Core of Who YOU are.

You'll be challenged to celebrate your strengths and be honest about your weaknesses. You'll be invited to study, practice and self-reflect. To be kind and yet honest with yourself will be an important key.

The Structure

Encounter is Part One of a four-part series. This workshop series is designed to activate and bring into your day-to-day life the teachings of SHAMAN, Ya’Acov Darling Khan’s book, published by Hay House in Spring 2020. 

M1 – Movement is the Medicine

M2 – Ritual & The Imaginal Realm

M3 – The Tree of Life & the Three Worlds

M4 – The Unbroken & Your Elemental Nature

M5 – The Hollow Bone: A Personal Encounter with An Ancient Friend

M6 – Completion & Integration

Each module will take you a step further, teaching you new skills that build on what you have already learnt. By the completion of the course, you will have a solid foundation, what we call a liberating structure,  to support you to deepen your ongoing, everyday relationship to the Inner Shaman and the strength, resource and creativity they bring. 

You will also be eligible for Encounter Part Two – A Basket Full of Medicine,  taught by Ya’Acov, beginning May 2022.

What you'll need

However you choose to engage with the material, there are a couple of simple things you will need:

  • It’s important that you have un-interrupted time for your study if at all possible, even if that is brief. Turn off other devices and close the door if you can. Let people know that you are not available. Then tune into the content and your own response to it.
  • Make sure to have a journal or course diary with you to keep notes of your journey, and use the Pause and Reflect lessons to good effect to write or to draw as part of your digestion.
  • Loose clothing to move in. Layered works best to keep you comfortable as you warm up and cool down.
  • A water bottle.

Two ways to Study

There are two possible modes of study for you for this course:

  1. Do the Course with a Tutored group over a 6-week time period. This way of working includes a Study Buddy, use of our interactive platform on Vimify, travelling with a group and weekly Listening Circles held by a Tutor to hear and be heard.
  2. Self-Study: solo travel engaging with the work in your own timing. 

Solo Journey or Supported Study?

It’s important to decide whether you wish to do the course solo or tutored as part of a group. Apparently, working alongside others makes it more likely that you will engage at the level the course invites which in turn, makes it more likely that you will be able to extract the maximum juice from it. Consequently, we recommend the tutored version of the course.

Having said that, it is also true that Self-Study works perfectly well for those with high personal motivation and discipline in their practice. The choice is yours. For more information about available Tutored courses, click here.


After you finish this course, you'll receive a certificate of completion from Ya'Acov to honour your learning journey.

Not a Training to Teach

Please understand that this course is for personal training only. I am not teaching you to become a shaman or to offer this work to others. Participating in this course does not give you the right to share the material with others and by participating you are agreeing to that condition as part of the terms and conditions of participation.


It is vitally important that you have the inner resources and external support where necessary to keep you grounded and within your own capacity when participating in a powerfully catalytic process such as this course. This work is not for everyone. If you have a history of emotional or mental instability, please consult with a health care professional before continuing with the course.


I am delighted you have heard the call of your Inner Shaman and I wish you all grace, self-care and a well-crafted blend of kindness and commitment as you travel through the landscapes that this work will no doubt catalyse in you. At any point in your work, if you find that the material that arises is too much to manage by yourself, it is incumbent upon you to make sure you get the support you need to be able to work with this material in a beneficial way. There is always support when we humble and empower ourselves enough to recognise that we need it and then ask. 

All the very best with your journey,
Ya’Acov Darling Khan


Whatever your level of experience, Embodied Listening will teach you:

  • A tool kit of specific listening skills to support your personal & professional communication.
  • That your attention is a Super-Power!
  • To become more present through reclaiming the territory of your body
  • How to cultivate your compassionate inner witness, the “Wise Elder”
  • How to bring your body, heart and mind to your listening and communication
  • What deep listening is and what it isn’t

Modules & Flow
The course will take you round a Wheel of Embodied Listening skills.

M2 - PRESENCE: In the Centre
M4 - REFLECTION: In the West (Water)
M5 - RESONANCE: In the South (Earth)
M6 - OVERVIEW: In the North (Air)

Each module will take you a step further, teaching you new skills that build on what you have already learned. By the completion of the course, you will have a complete Wheel of Embodied Listening skills that will take you further and remain with you for your whole life.

Practising with a buddy or not?
As preparation for your journey with this course, it’s important to clarify whether you are doing the course with a practice buddy or practice buddies, in which case each of you needs to go through the course in sync with each other, as you build this skill set together, step by step. I suggest you make a clear contract about your commitment to each other and the course, including how often you will meet to practice together. If we don’t explicitly negotiate there, we can set ourselves (or each other) up for disappointment. Please note that if you are doing the journey with a buddy, then it is important to do the solo practices with yourself and your Wise Elder too.

Practising Solo
And if you are doing this Course solo, then may I extend a very warm welcome to you and to the solo journey which can be so profound. I suggest you make a clear and explicit contract with yourself (which is equally important) about how often you will meet with yourself to practise with your Wise Elder and take your next step with the course.

A Couple of Things you'll Need:

Whether you are working solo or with a practice buddy, there are a couple of simple things you will need:

  • It’s important that when you tune into the next step of the course content, you have un-interrupted time, even if that is brief. Turn off other devices, close the door, let people know that you are not available for the next half an hour. Then tune into the content and your own response to it.
  • Have a journal or course diary with which to keep notes of your journey, and, after each lesson, take a moment to feel your response to this material, and write it down.

After you finish this course, you'll receive a certificate of completion from Ya'Acov and Susannah to honour your learning journey.

I trust and hope that learning, practising and applying this skill set will touch your life and the other lives your life touches in a good way. I wish you very well with continuing your human journey with this tool kit of embodied listening skills.

All the very best with your journey,

Susannah Darling Khan

Ya’Acov has been working with the shaman’s drum for more than 25 years. In this course, he shares some of the fundamentals of working with the drum as well as guiding you on a shamanic journey to meet the apparently opposite powers of the jaguar and the butterfly.

Course Overview

In the three short modules, you will learn:

  • The basics about the power of the drum from master shamanic drummer Ya’Acov Darling Khan
  • Learn about the mother beat and the father beat and bring them together, a powerfully grounding and healing meditation
  • Gain confidence to use the drum as a tool for meditation, prayer and increasing your sense of presence

Benefits of working with the shaman’s drum:

  • A more focused mind
  • Deep relaxation that grows from that focus
  • More of a sense of rhythm in your body
  • A good way to check in with yourself
  • An ancient way to speak to the nature around you
  • An excellent way to feel more connected inside to outside with the imaginal world

Thanks again for joining us on this journey.


Ya’Acov Darling Khan

Course Overview

In this course, through embodied learning, shamanic journeying, self-directed study and integration practices, you will:

  • Learn the elementals of engaged shamanism
  • Work with the elements to create more connectedness, resourcefulness, strength and creativity for your day-to-day life
  • Remember and focus on what really matters to you
  • Discover, deepen and potentise the power of your imagination and how you can put it to work for the best interests of all that you care about
  • Work with and through the roots, trunk and branches of the Tree of Life and the 5 Elements in order to:
    • Stand in your own ground (Earth)
    • Strengthen your passion for life (Fire)
    • Deepen your flow (Water)
    • Illuminate the Soul’s journey (Wind)
    • Stand at the centre of your own circle
  • After you finish this course, you'll receive a certificate of completion from Ya'Acov and Susannah to honour your learning journey.

Some notes before you begin:

Before you start module one, there are a few preparations that will make the work we do together smooth. The modules are set up in sections and they will be titled as such. Although this allows you to do each module in smaller chunks, we suggest that you do each module in its entirety if you can.

Thanks again for joining us on this journey.


Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan

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