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Enjoy this short snippet from Susannah's brand new online course, Embodied Listening. These valuable skills are needed now more than ever before. Begin your learning journey today!
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Learn life-changing communication skills.

In this time of the pandemic, listening skills can be a life support system.  Embodied Listening provides a powerful toolkit for improving communication with others - whether you're in the room or online. 

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A warm welcome to the online courses and workshops branch of our learning platform. Movement Medicine is a contemporary body of work that fuses ancient and modern wisdom and invites participants to Stand Up, Grow Up and Play their Role in the world. We work with the combined intelligence of the body-heart-mind to encourage people from all walks of life to discover who they are and give what is theirs to give.

Whether you're new to Movement Medicine or are a trained MM professional, these recorded courses and live workshops are designed as one-off learning journeys or as part of your ongoing study. They all count as prerequisites for those wishing to enrol on Movement Medicine Apprenticeship programmes and Professional Trainings.

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  • The first module of The Shaman's Drum.
  • "What is Engaged Shamanism?" A recorded conversation with S & Y DK.

*We are committed to our work being accessible and we acknowledge the differences of circumstances world-wide. Please apply to our sponsorship programme if you have a genuine need.

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  • Your offerings have given me additional tools and capability at this moment to remain grounded and centred during this devastating time in our history. A time when our humanity lacks answers and direction; and a time when the unconscious among us are lost. This is the precise moment that we must activate and maintain our most vibrant relationships with the great spirit masters and our connections with our ancestors. This is what I see as the most valuable teachings that you both and other masters have shared with me, and I am grateful that I am able to serve humanity in some way as a result.
    Michael P Hallé
    Course Participant
  • The course Standing at the Centre of your Own Circle had an immense effect on my life. That was the starting point of building a connection with the elements of life that miraculously brought me much closer to myself. This course is so rich that I went through it several times and always experienced something new. It became a permanent resource for me, a reference point where I can always come back to.
    Kata Máthé
    Course Participant
  • Yaacov and Susannah are wonderful guides into the landscape of the body. Their guidance, sense of humor and spiritual truth never wears out. I have been supported to go deeper within and understand the community of life within myself. From this inner knowing I learn to relate differently to the outer world. The Online course "At the center of your circle" is a wonderful offer in beauty, music and drum and shared images that support the imagination. The course gives freedom and empowers each participant to journey on their own, in their time and create a unique path for themselves.
    Kristin Glenewinkel
    Course Participant
  • First of all, this is a professional course! My compliments! So good to hear the context of your medicine. And it is very practical and down to earth! Going to explore the earth meditation in daily Life, to be more aware of the medicine of my body! The little girl in myself desires more freedom in daily Life! The woman in me wants to share her medicine with the World! Time to stand up, to be rooted in my body and to spread my wings!
    Odet Sleeswijk
    Course Participant
  • I find this online offering to be such a perfect thing for a busy mama like me! A single parent, who is not able to leave for a workshop. During the first module I felt that something shifted. Having a flat on the 7th floor made me work hard on visioning putting roots down. Somehow, in connection with the sky and the trunk, I could feel joy. Joy from the sun and the winds, joy from the river that flows nearby and the roots were easily penetrating through the soil, making their way through the hard rocks deep deep into the ground. Joy from having this offering in my kitchen. What a relief, I tell you!
    Maya Love
    Course Participant
  • What impresses me most about Susannah and Ya’acov is the irresistible sensation that they really live their work. It has a dynamism and an integrity that can only flow from the willingness – and the courage – to use their own lives as a research laboratory for their teaching. What this offers to their students is tremendous freshness and real honesty, together with the feeling that change is always possible. Add their sharp eyes and their quick wit and the result can be electrifying.
    Christopher Sheppard
    Film Maker
  • Thank you so much for the Shaman’s Drum course Yaacov Darling Khan. Just watched the final on a coach en route to Heathrow-bridging .worlds of the practical and the magic. Really enjoyed the clarity, passion and groundedness of your teaching. Hope there will be more of these short courses. Much gratitude.

    Petra Bongartz
    Course Participant
  • This course is brilliant. I have been a drum maker for over 20 years and can say that working with the drum has changed my life forever. Yacov’s teachings are clear and practical and filled with a depth that can only be reached by dedicated and surrendered practice. His way of teaching reaches the heart and made me pick up the drum and join him right away. Anyone that follows this course will find a path that leads straight into the essence of this ancient way of the shaman’s drum.
    Roel Crabbe
    Course Participant
  • I want to give thanks! I find this course so nourishing! I love the clear structure, the breaking down in pieces, the visual combined with audio. It really helps me so much to understand and to be able to take the information in. I love that I can go back to any of these modules at any time to revisit to remind myself and remember. I love to be able to choose when best to do this.
    To make this conscious choice of one hour or more to myself to travel deep in order to be more alive, more spacious, more conscious…
    Johanna Stromeyer
    Course Participant
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